Founded by two mothers and friends who frequently dropped or lost their phones, zoey design became their entrepreneurial idea to establish a brand that solves the problem and is fun, stylish and useful for everybody.

Taking into consideration the different lifestyles and tastes, every zoey collection aims to contribute to everybody’s life.

Pouring their hearts into setting up their business, the founders decided against import and becoming retailers. Instead they chose the more difficult path and went for handmade solutions. This required them to get involved into the whole process on a completely different level.

Getting tired, trying, failing, starting from scratch, trying again, choosing and changing collaboration partners, starting again, all belonged to the process to make zoey design what it has become now.

And there’s still a lot more to come.

zoey design remains a female run business and all zoeys are handmade with love in Istanbul.

We hope your zoey makes your life easier, just like ours.