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31 Mar Our mission and vision
zoey 0 1871
Our mission and visionzoey design was founded in 2019 in Istanbul as a small company and is producing mostly handmade accessories and home decorations.zoey means life and we aimed to inspire everyone ..
28 May Phone Necklaces: Secure and Stylish
zoey 0 159
Phone Necklaces: Secure and StylishPhone necklaces are a practical way to keep your phone safe and enhance your personal style.Quick Access and SecurityFor those who frequently use their phone through..
02 Jun Discover the Perfect Phone Necklace and Case at zoey design
zoey 0 140
Discover the Perfect Phone Necklace and Case at zoey designzoey design offers stylish and practical solutions for smartphone users with our unique phone necklaces and cases. While our collection featu..
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