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Keep your hands free with a colourful zoey.

Enjoy dancing, a night out with friends, festival season, shopping and your everyday life without fearing that your phone might slip from your hands.

Add a beautiful handmade polymer ornament and your name to customise your zoey according to your taste and lifestyle.

Embrace your loved ones and life itself with both hands.

The fun collection offers playful and cheerful zoeys to add colour and fun to your everyday life. The versatile options to customise your zoey make it as unique as you are. 


 Material: polyester metal - gold plated

 Length: max. 150 cm; adjustable in length - can be worn in front or crossbody

 Diameter: 4 mm

• Case: transparent PC + TPU phone case with shock-proof bumpers at the edges

• 1 handmade polymer ornament


• You can add your name or a message in gold letter beads. The beads may slip and wiggle depending on the thread 

  diameter. Attention: Due to the production in Turkey Q, W and X are not available as letter beads.

• The metals in the fun collection are only available in gold.

• One ornament is included in the price. You can add as many ornaments as you want at an extra charge. The rings holding   

  the ornaments are only available in gold.

• The polymer ornaments and their connection to the case and cord are extremely sensitive. Please be careful and avoid   

  pulling the cord or the ornaments too fiercely. Be careful when you take your zoey out of your bag and when wearing it with 

  garments that might pull at the ornaments. The rings might open and the ornaments might get lost.

• zoey design does not take any responsibility for lost or broken ornaments.

• Each piece is handmade and unique, therefore there may be slight differences in colour, size, shape or texture.

• The threads in our collections are firmly attached to the phone case, so they cannot be removed or replaced by other


• The colour of the metal parts may faint or change colour due to humidity, perfume or sun exposure.

• zoey design does not give any guarantee for the security of your phone.

• Dust and other particles entering the phone case over time may cause scratches on the phone.

• The responsibility for the security and intactness of the phone lies with the owner.

• zoey phone cases come without a cell phone.

• zoeys are available for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei smart phones.

Handmade in Istanbul with love...                       



zoey design® copyright 2019


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