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Keep your hands free with a zoey. No more searching for your airpods.

The zoey airpod chain made from beautiful, durable and smooth thread is available in different colours. It is not only a convenient companion in everyday life, but an eyecatcher too. This elegant and fun accessory keeps your airpods by your side and supplements your style.

Your airpod chain can be customised with your name or a message in silver or gold beads to add to its individuality.

Handmade with love in Istanbul, every zoey item is as unique as you are.


 Material: polyester metal - gold plated

 Length: 82/ 86 cm

 Diameter: 4 mm


• You can add your name or a message in gold letter beads. The beads may slip and wiggle depending on the thread 

  diameter. Attention: Due to the production in Turkey Q, W and X are not available as letter beads.

 You can choose from gold or silver metal alternatives for most metal parts of your zoey.

• Each piece is handmade and unique, therefore there may be slight differences in colour, size, shape or texture.

• The colour of the metal parts may faint or change colour due to humidity, perfume or sun exposure.

Handmade in Istanbul with love...                       

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